PEG MGF (Mechano Growth Factors)


PEG MGF (Mechano Growth Factors)


MGF (Mechano Growth Factor) One of the most effective Peptides for building muscle, stimulating growth on wasted muscle, giving rapid repair and recovery times and reducing body fat levels.

Product Description

MGF (Mechano Growth Factor) One of the most effective Peptides for building muscle, stimulating growth on wasted muscle, giving rapid repair and recovery times and reducing body fat levels.

It’s a variant of the insulin-like growth factor (IGF) gene, which allows muscle fibre maturation plus boosts stem cell count in your muscles. Natural Mechano Growth Factor occurs locally during adult muscle growth.

The application of the peptide is through injection, and it normally makes use of synthetic Mechano Growth Factor, a water-based compound that is administered intramuscularly (IM). Its stability endures for several minutes only. This peptide is often used for overall muscle growth.

How MGF Works
Mechano Growth Factor is produced to repair your broken down muscle fibres caused by resistance (activities like weight training). The peptide stimulates the production of new muscle fibres in your body, muscle growth as well as the growth promotion in your body parts that aren’t proportional to your physique.

Results and Benefits of MGF
Muscle fibre behaviour is related directly to the activity of myosatellite cells (satellite cell) located on your muscle fibres, which serves as a reserve population of the cells that are ready to multiply in response to your injury. They have the capability of regenerating muscle while producing more myoatellite cells. The use of Mechano Growth Factor results in a continuous production of myoatellite cells to stimulate muscle hypertrophy process in mature muscles.

Muscle hypertrophy typically involves an increase in the size of your skeletal muscle (a form of striated muscle tissue that’s under the voluntary control of your somatic nervous system) through a growth in its component cells’ size.

Two factors contribute to muscle hypertrophy:

  • Myofibrillar hypertrophy, which usually focuses more on increased muscle fibril (myofibril) size. A myofibril is known to be a basic rod-like unit of the muscle cell.
  • Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, which often focuses more on the increased muscle glycogen storage.

Mechano Growth Factor allows a faster process of muscle growth than the results obtained from insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), which is an important MGF feature highlighting its benefits over other compounds in search of the same purposes.

IGF-1 is also called somatomedin C, and it’s a protein that’s encoded by the IGF1 gene in humans. Also, IGF-1 has been referred to as a sulfurylation factor, and in the seventies, its effects were termed NSILA (nonsuppressible insulin-like activity).

IGF-1 is a hormone that is similar to insulin in molecular structure. The hormone plays a significant role in childhood growth, plus it continues having anabolic effects in adults. Mecasermin, a synthetic analogue of insulin-like growth factor 1, is used in treating growth failure.

Use of MGF can lead to an unbelievable body fat loss that’s seen as a secondary effect in its use. The peptide has the distinctiveness of developing a rise pump due to an increase of blood flow in your muscle tissues receiving more nutrients and oxygen while you’re doing a physical activity. Mechano Growth Factor can produce muscle fullness that is obtained from the storage of glycogen in your muscles in high amounts.

Additionally, it can develop vascularity, which is the condition of having numerous highly-visible, prominent, and usually extensively-ramified superficial veins. Your skin appears thin, sometimes even virtually diaphanous, caused by an extreme decrease of subcutaneous fats, which allows for maximum muscle definition.

People like using growth stimulators in an effort of obtaining growth in the specific muscle groups of their body; however, there’s no evidence on the benefits of MDF localised injections in promoting growth in a particular targeted isolated area.

Dosage of MGF
It is recommended that a dose of 200 to 400 mcg is taken three times per week. The major problem of Mechano Growth Factor resides in the short half-life of the peptide calculated between 5 to 7 minutes. That is why you are forced to use the peptide immediately after your workout and only in your damaged muscle tissue (because it won’t be effective on your healthy muscle tissue).

Size of vile: 2mg

Frequency of use: three times per week, 5 to 7 minutes immediately after your workout

Where to inject: only in your damaged muscle tissue

Injection Dosage per time: A dose of 200-400 mcg taken 3 times a week is recommended and injected into small muscle groups like biceps where site injection will multiply muscle fibres. Must have trained the muscle you choose to inject.

What Type of water to mix with? sterile water or bacteriostatic 2ml

How much water to add: 2ml of sterile water is added to the vial

How to Mix the water and peptide together: 2ml of water into the syringe and inject it into the vial with powder, never shake,  gently rotate the vial between your fingers until all of the powder has dissolved.


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MGF (Mechano Growth Factor) One of the most effective Peptides for building muscle, stimulating growth on wasted muscle, giving rapid repair and recovery times and reducing body fat levels.